World History: the Human Search for Identity and Security



UNIT I: Pre-History and the Ancient World

bullet Chapter 1 Before Civilization
bullet Section 1 The Rise of Humanity
bulletSection 2 Early Human Development
bulletSection 3 Later Paleolithic Methods of Adaptation
bulletSection 4 The Neolithic Revolution
bulletChapter 2 The Rise of Civilization
bulletSection 1 Civilization in the Fertile Crescent
bulletSection 2 Civilization in the Nile Valley
bulletSection 3 Riverine Civilizations in South and East Asia
bulletSection 4 A World Apart: the Americas
bulletChapter 3 Migration and Empire: The Spread of Civilization
bulletSection 1 Empires in Mesopotamia
bulletSection 2 Invasion and Empire in Africa
bulletSection 3 Empires and Kingdoms in the Aegean
bulletSection 4 Kingdoms and City-States in Southwest Asia
bulletSection 5 Invasion and Empire in South and East Asia
bulletChapter 4 The Persian and Greek World
bulletSection 1 The Persian Empire
bulletSection 2 The City-States of Greece
bulletSection 3 War and Empire in the Aegean, ca.500-338 B.C.
bulletSection 4 The Development of Greek Culture

UNIT 2: Consolidation and Expansion: The Classical World

bulletChapter 5 The Hellenistic World
bulletSection 1 The Crisis of Greek Civilization
bulletSection 2 The Rise of Macedonia and Alexander the Great
bulletSection 3 Hellenistic Civilization
bulletChapter 6 The Growth of Asian Civilizations, 500 B.C.-550 A.D.
bulletSection 1 Indian Society and Religion
bulletSection 2 Beginnings of Imperial India
bulletSection 3 Classical China
bulletSection 4 Imperial China
bulletChapter 7 The Roman World
bulletSection 1 The Emergence of Rome
bulletSection 2 Early Roman Society
bulletSection 3 The Crises and Fall of the Republic
bulletSection 4 Pax Romana
bulletSection 5 Crises of the Empire and the Rise of Christianity
bulletSection 6 The Later Roman Empire
bulletChapter 8 Early African Civilizations
bullet Introduction
bulletSection 1 Patterns of African History
bulletSection 2 Kingdoms in the Sudan
bulletSection 3 North Africa and the Sahara
bulletSection 4 Sub-Saharan Africa in the Iron Age

UNIT 3: Civilizations in Transition: The Medieval World

bulletChapter 9 Persia, Byzantium and the Rus
bulletSection 1 Sasanid Persia
bulletSection 2 The Byzantine Empire
bulletSection 3 The Rise of Russia
bulletSection 4 Religious Rivalries and Nomadic Invasions
bulletChapter 10 The Rise of Islam
bullet Section 1 The Development of Islam
bullet Section 2 The Expansion of Islam
bullet Section 3 The Development of Islamic Civilization
bullet Section 4 The Coming of the Turks
bulletChapter 11 A New Civilization in Western Europe: the Rise of Latin Christendom
bulletSection 1 The Emergence of the Franks
bulletSection 2 Feudalism, Manorialism, and the Church
bulletSection 3 Kings, Nobles, Popes, and Emperors
bulletSection 4 The Crusades
bulletSection 5 Beginnings of European Transformation
bulletChapter 12 Transformations in Asia, 220-1350 A.D.
bulletSection 1 China Reunited: the Sui, Tang and Song Dynasties
bulletSection 2 Korea, Japan and Vietnam
bulletSection 3 Southwest Asia: the Coming of the Turks
bulletSection 4 India and Southeast Asia
bulletSection 5 Unifying Eurasia: the Mongol Empire
bulletChapter 13 Transformations in Asia and Africa on the Eve of European Overseas Expansion
bulletSection 1 The Ottoman Empire
bulletSection 2 Safavid Persia
bulletSection 3 Mughal India
bulletSection 4 State Building in Africa
bulletSection 5 Neo-Confucian China

UNIT 4: Civilizations in Revolution and Confrontation: The Early Modern World

bulletChapter 14 Beginnings of Revolutionary European Civilization, 1300-1650
bulletSection 1 Challenge and Response: the Transformation of Medieval European Civilization
bulletSection 2 The Italian Renaissance
bulletSection 3 The Northern Renaissance
bulletSection 4 A New Spirit of Exploration
bulletSection 5 The Reformation
bulletChapter 15 A New Worldview in Europe, 1500-1750
bulletSection 1 Transformations in Early Modern European Society
bulletSection 2 The Scientific Revolution
bulletSection 3 The Era of Absolutism
bulletChapter 16 The World in the Age of European Expansion, 1492-1763
bulletSection 1 European Trading Empires in Asia
bulletSection 2 The Spanish and Portuguese in the Americas
bulletSection 3 The Dutch, French and English in the Americas
bulletSection 4 Trade and Empire in Africa
bulletChapter 17 European Revolutions of Society and State, 1714-1815
bulletSection 1 An Era of Global Warfare
bulletSection 2 The Age of Enlightenment
bulletSection 3 The American Revolution
bulletSection 4 Revolutionary France
bulletSection 5 The Napoleonic Era

UNIT 5: Consolidation and Expansion of the Modern World

bulletChapter 18 Industrial Revolution in the West: 1700-1914
bulletSection 1 The Industrial Revolution: First Phase
bulletSection 2 A New "Industrial" Civilization
bulletSection 3 The Industrial Revolution: Second Phase
bulletSection 4 The New Industrial Society
bulletChapter 19 An Era of Expansion and Reform
bulletSection 1 Reform Movements in Great Britain
bulletSection 2 Expansion and Reform in the British Dominions
bulletSection 3 Expansion and Reform in the United States
bulletSection 4 Independence in Latin America
bulletChapter 20 Nation-States and Empires in Europe: 1814-1914
bulletSection 1 Restructuring Europe: A Search for Security
bulletSection 2 New Nation-States: Italy and Germany
bulletSection 3 Aging Empires in the East
bulletSection 4 Constitutionalism in Western Europe
bulletChapter 21 Imperial World Order, 1757-1914
bulletSection 1 Motives of Modern Imperialism
bulletSection 2 Empire Building in Africa
bulletSection 3 Imperialism in India and Southeast Asia
bulletSection 4 Imperialism in East Asia

UNIT 6: The Modern World in Crisis

bulletChapter 22 World War I
bulletSection 1 The Origins of World War I
bulletSection 2 A New Kind of War
bulletSection 3 The Course of the War
bulletSection 4 The Peace
bulletSection 5 Consequences of the War for the West
bulletChapter 23 Revolution, Depression and the Rise of Totalitarianism
bulletSection 1 Revolution in Russia
bulletSection 2 Post-War Democracies
bulletSection 3 The Global Depression
bulletSection 4 Totalitarianism, Authoritarianism and Militarism
bulletChapter 24 The Growth of Colonial Nationalism, 1880-1939
bulletSection 1 The Imperial World Order
bulletSection 2 From Empire to Commonwealth: Transformation of the British Empire
bulletSection 3 Nationalism in Southwest Asia and Africa
bulletSection 4 Nationalism in China and Southeast Asia
bulletSection 5 Nationalism in the American Sphere of Influence
bulletChapter 25 World War II
bulletSection 1 Aggression and Crisis in the 1930s
bulletSection 2 The Early Years of the War
bulletSection 3 The Holocaust and Other Atrocities
bulletSection 4 Allied Victories
bulletChapter 26 postwar Europe and North America, 1945-1968
bulletSection 1 From World War to Cold War
bulletSection 2 Reconstruction and Renewal in the West
bulletSection 3 The New Soviet Empire
bulletSection 4 The Cold War Deepens
bulletSection 5 Changes in Society and Culture
bulletChapter 27 The Era of Decolonization
bulletSection 1 Decolonization, Nationalism and Independence in South Asia
bulletSection 2 The People's Republic of China
bulletSection 3 The Re-emergence of Japan
bulletSection 4 Decolonization and the 'Hot' Cold War in Asia
bulletSection 5 Post-Cold War Asia
bulletSection 6 Nationalism, Decolonization and Independence in Southwest Asia
bulletSection 7 Decolonization and Nationalism in Africa
bulletChapter 28 Postwar Latin America
bulletSection 1 Economic Nationalism and Problems of Development
bulletSection 2 Revolution, Reaction and Reform
bulletSection 3 Revolution and Democracy in Central America
bulletSection 4 Problems of Culture and Society
bulletChapter 29 From the Past to the Future: 1968 to the Present
bulletSection 1 From Cold War to "New World Order"
bulletSection 2 A New Revolution in Technology
bulletSection 3 Environmental Challenges
bulletSection 4 Democracy and Free Trade
bulletSection 5 Challenges of "Globalization"